Monday, February 24, 2014

Watching and commenting on our partners' presentations

One of the most important dimensions in Etwinning projects is the interaction and the collaboration among the students.
In this post we present an example of the interaction among children in our project.
When new material is uploaded on Twinspace from our partners we watch it carefully and sometimes make comments. Kids and teachers really enjoy this activity very much!

Here is the activity "Watching our Polish friends "Introduce yourself" presentation:
On February 2nd, we watched the Glogster presentation which our etwinning new friends prepared for us.

We logged in Twinspce and clicked on their entry with Glogster and clicked on the Glogs:

We moved to Glogsteredu site and clicked on all the Glogsters - posters of our friends.
We watched their pictures and videos and we really enjoyed watching our friends in action:

We liked very much the videos in the posters:

After watching, we wrote some comments under their entry. The kids proposed some comments and teachers wrote them in English:

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