Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dictionary, profession "policeman", procedure in Greek school

This activity is a collaborative one among the kindergarten students both in their own school and  with their etwinning partners, using Technology (computer, Internet, etc.).

Here is a short description of the procedure:
We gathered in 1st group's classroom and had an introduction in Realtime board tool:

Then teachers read the words in English and tried to read them in Polish :-) (I used my little experience from previous etwinning projects). 
After that the kids wrote the words in Greek, using the tools provided by Realtime board and the keyboard collaborating in groups of 2-4.

They chose several font colors for the letters they wrote and made them bold:

...and they linked the words with the right tool of  Realtime board:

Children liked very much this activity and their interesting was vivid.
By this activity the students had the oportunity - among others - to:
  • develop writting and reading skills in native language
  • have contact with foreign languages
  • increase their concentration
  • to exercise hand - eye coordination
  • use Technology - computer, smasrtboard - to implement collaborative activities
  • callaborate in their school and from distance with ICT use with their etwinning partners for the creation of a common dictionary


  1. This whole activity is very impressive and rewarding for the children on many levels! Great work to the students and teachers of course!

  2. So nice to see that our children are getting started to know main professions and recognize their contribution to our society ! So nice to watch them getting involved with technology too!


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