Thursday, February 20, 2014

"The visit of the policeman in our school", Iraklio Attikis

On Monday 9th February 2014 we started preparing for the implementation of the activity "The Visit of the policeman in our school." We all gathered to the classroom of the first group and discussed what steps need to follow in order to call the professional in our school.
The first step was to send him an invitation. With collaborative way we divided the job of preparing the invitation in 3groups:
·         The first group undertook to prepare the text of the invitation (“use of writing for functional purpose” accordance with the objectives of the  national curriculum ). With the help of children we composed the text (orally) and after that the kindergarten teacher typed it on the computer.

        Then the kids copied it on the paper.

 ·         Once the text was ready, the children of the first group delivered the paper in the third group.  

    There, the children decorated it by painting designs associated with the profession of policeman.

·         Meanwhile, the second group undertook to prepare the envelope where would place the invitation

     The kindergarten teacher explained to the children what data should appear on a mailing envelope and the reasons why we put these data. With her help the children wrote the sender and the recipient (“use of writing for functional purpose - learning the conventions of writing” accordance with the objectives of the  national curriculum).

 The invitation is ready!

  The next day we delivered the envelope to the policeman...........

 ............ and we defined the date for the visit on Thursday 13th February 2014. 
One day before the visit of the policeman each group wrote the questions that wanted to ask.  


The day of visit: The children waited with great anxiety and anticipation the policeman to speak. Mr. X. told us about his work, about the uniforms of the policemen and policewomen, about the parts separated the police while using internet sources to support his words. Then, he answered the questions of the children and the teachers of our school

Τhe children thanked him and we took some commemorative photos.

Finally, the children painted their impressions of the visit of the policeman: 

Thank you very much Mr X. We learned so many things about your profession! 

Below is a video that describes the entire process for the visit of the policeman:


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