Monday, May 26, 2014


 Words are unnecessary when we are  talking about the hidden treasure game. Children searched and found the riddles that led them to the letters of the word stewardess ( ΑΕΡΟΣΥΝΟΔΟΣ ). It was an activity that kids loved like no other. They found the letters as soon as they could, and then they created the word that they were looking for. The children, also, were so proud and excited because they succeed in their target!

Dictionary - stewardess

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hidden Treasure Game - The concept

The assistant/animator of each group will be the teacher of the class.
The objective of the game in our school is to find the letters that compose the word ΑΕΡΟΣΥΝΟΔΟΣ (11 letters - 11 quizzes). The objective of the game in your school is to find the letters that compose the word stewardess in polish language (__ letters - __ quizzes).
In our school the game will take place in the schoolyard. This place will enable our young students to move around with greater comfort.
The students have to co-operate as a group in order to discover the 11 letters and make the word. If you want to make it more difficult, you can use a countdown timer (i.e. 30 minutes)
The 11 quizzes will be hidden in 11 different spots in the schoolyard.

Procedure of the game

The teachers of Greece will send to the teachers of Poland 11 different photos with specific points of the schoolyard (for example the slide, the swing, the dollhouse etc) in which we will hide the quizzes and the letters.  The students of your school will think and write the quizzes. After that, you will send the quizzes to us, we will translate them in Greek. Then, we will write them in pieces of paper and we will hide them. Then we are ready to start the game! 

For example, the answer to the first quiz will be “dollhouse”. The quiz will be based on a description of the specific “dollhouse” in order to make it easier for our students to solve   (for example it's pink, has windows and if it were bigger an entire family would fit in it). The child who finds the answer,  goes to the point (“dollhouse”) to take the letter and the quiz that will lead the team to the next point, as well.

The reverse will happen with the game of hidden treasure of Poland.  You will send us ____ photos with specific spots of your school.  Our students will think and write the quizzes. After that, we will send you the quizzes, you will translate them in polish, you will write them in pieces of paper and you will hide them.  You are ready to start the game!

Sunday, May 18, 2014



The Stewardess  is a very impressive professional. All we wanted to be in Stewardess's  position for a while, to travel across the world. This profession- challenge is the third in the project for which children will learn more. Initially, the children saw pictures on interactive whiteboard of  Stewardesses, airplanes and airports both from our country and from foreign countries. We talked about the profession of Stewardess and we  prepared the questions that  we would like to ask. 
Next day Stewardess  visited our school and the children were very excited. She was very polite and pleasant.  She mentioned the work of Stewardess and the duties that she has,  and answered to all the questions of the children. Shortly before leaving, she photographed with everyone. Then the kids excited by the visit, drew the Stewardess  and  they skanned their paintings with a collaborative way. Finally the children created small planes by play dough and our airport is already done!